A Gift From Near-Death Experience

Art is my passion
I went through 2 types of cancer and a brain surgery, I've had 12 surgeries throughout my life...

During one of the operations, my soul left my body. The feeling was like waking up, I wanted to look up, however I flew out of my body through my eyes. From above I saw all the doctors, my body, heard their thoughts and saw everything in 360 degrees. My personality remained the same, I did not feel fear. I thought perhaps I am dead, I have read about similar things before. The first idea I got was to take a look at myself in this state, however the desire to look turned to motion and I moved where I concentrated, I did not have a shape. After straying a little I started feeling an external force around me. It was plasma like energy, light that felt like love and warmth. The light was extraordinarily bright, brighter than the sun. It encompassed everything around to infinity and then I understood that this may be what people call the Creator or God. Then I became embraced by it and it showed me all of my life as a movie, not sped-up. I realized this Energy was always around me throughout my life.

Even during the bad parts of my life it did not condemn me for anything, it understood everything, however I became very embarased about some actions and decisions in my life and then came to understand the concept of hell, which is self-inflicted. The all-encompassing force answered all of my questions as soon as I thought them. I expressed I would never return to my body and wanted to stay there, however it said that my life is not over, I still have a lot to do, I did not have a choice and I was brought back to my body.

This experience has changed my view on "life after death", and I am no longer afraid of death. It has given me more spiritual expression, and greatly improved my art. The subjects started looking more life-like as I learned to observe what makes them look alive and represent their spirit/personality, their details and expressions. I am happy that people can see and feel the liveliness and spirituality in my art.
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